How Can I Sell My Car Quickly?

How Can I Sell My Car Quickly?
5th October 2017 We Buy Cars Direct
How Can I Sell My Car Quickly

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your car quickly but selling swiftly is often easier said than done. A quick cash turnaround, at your asking price, are what dreams are made of. Yet, the reality is, selling your car quickly may come at a sacrifice of the price.

However, we’ve got a few ideas which may help you sell your car quickly at a price you’re happy with:


Should I sell my car privately or to a dealer?

Deciding whether to sell your car privately or to a dealership is usually the first factor that come to light.

As you well know, dealerships are geared up to take away the stresses involved with selling a car, and you can secure a sharp deal, but it’s often at a reduced price. Dealers may recognise or sense your urgency to sell and come back with a low offer. Make sure, if you’re dealing in person, not to disclose too much about how soon you wish to sell. What you should remember, once you’ve received an offer, is that dealers are dealers. By this we mean that it’s acceptable to counter a dealer’s offer and negotiate; they’ll often start low and have a limit they can reach before there’s no profit left in it for them.

Selling your car privately can be more time consuming and perhaps reduce your audience but it could help you to secure the price you want. You may sell your car quickly, if someone sees it and instantly wants it. On the other hand, you may have to put up with time wasters.

That’s why selling your car for cash with We Buy Cars Direct is the perfect alternative to a selling your car either to a dealer or privately.


Is writing an advert to sell my car worth it?

If you are choosing to sell you car privately, the art of writing an advert can be crucial to your chances of selling your car quickly. Some people get overly creative, in hope of being noticed. There’s nothing wrong with a little flair to attract attention but stay away from over exaggerating or describing your car’s features.

It needs to be clear and concise. You should aim to provide all of the necessary details, so that any possible questions are answered. List exact mileage, year of manufacture and registration, tax, MOT and how many owners it’s had and any other attractive assets. Don’t sugar-coat anything, be honest. You don’t want to have to explain yourself about a certain feature, upon a buyer’s arrival. Also, avoid putting ‘ONO’ – people will haggle regardless. By setting out your stall out without a nearest offer, gives you a stronger starting point.

However, when all is said and done, the time and effort of writing and paying for an advert to sell your car privately can be heavily time consuming and costly. That’s why the rise of companies like ourselves have grown in popularity and are a genuine alternative to selling your car privately.


The best chance to sell my car quickly?

The best chance of selling your car quickly is to use a cay buying service such as We Buy Cars Direct. Advertising your car in as many places as possible for private sale can be costly. Granted, you’ll increase your potential reach and there are hundreds of options nowadays, but the problems associated with selling a car privately, such as time wasters and buyers who might have other cars in mind, mean selling your car privately can be a painstaking process.


The finer details to sell my car quickly

If this is all new to you, these things may seem a like a lot to ask, but they will make the difference in making your car stand out from the crowd and getting a better deal.


Service & Repair

A recent service and any repairs will be needed, if you want to sell your car quickly. Save yourself the hassle of having to explain about potential repairs and services due by getting them resolved beforehand.



Gather any records associated to the car. Evidence and approval is key. The more paperwork in the form of history, services, fixes, manuals etc. the better chance you have of making a swift and seamless sale.



Do your research and be realistic, when it comes selling your car. Provide an honest assessment when inputting your details into a car valuation calculator, to get the most accurate reflection. Pricing it based on nostalgia or any other emotions, may leave you short of inquests.


Selling my car quickly

Hopefully, the above advice has left you with some ideas or alterations you need to make when thinking about selling your car quickly. If you’d like a quick valuation, We Buy Cars Direct can offer you fair and fast prices for a range of vehicles and models.