Sell My Car During Xmas and New Year

Sell My Car During Xmas and New Year
28th December 2017 Troy Rimmington


The bargain season

Why Because everyone’s out shopping or broke and “there’s also the psychological thing of new year, new car,” says Robinson. She points out that the festive season is almost exactly halfway between the registration-plate changes and dealers will have excess stock on which they will be offering deals. They’re also just bored. Go in and befriend them; you never know what they might have tucked at the back of the showroom.

What to buy Tim Naylor of British Car Auctions (BCA) says that although retail markets can be quieter, wholesale markets get busy as they churn over stock to improve the look of their year-end accounts.

“Watch out for models registered late in the year,” he warns. “A December 31 car appears much older than a January 1 model.” Look for pre-registered stock that dealers don’t want to take into the new year.

What to sell Sport-utility vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers, Volvo XC90s, BMW X5s and so on, with the biggest rises seen in older, higher-mileage cars. At the very top end, late-plate, high-value off-roaders are less affected by seasonal changes. If you are thinking “I want to sell my car” give We Buy Cars Direct a call


Get me out of here now

Why Heavy snow left many stranded in their homes this year and as Adrian Rushmore, managing editor at Glass’s Guide, says, it hit people where it hurts, in their pockets.

“This year’s 4×4 spike was more pronounced than I can recall. It was certainly a wake-up for people who really needed their mobility and there were severe financial consequences of not being able to get to work.”

The resulting interest in 4x4s has proved to be more than just a flurry. Manufacturers reported unprecedented internet interest and BCA said that average used 4×4 values achieved record levels in January. The boom has continued into spring, partly as a consequence of low prices in what was a depressed market for 4x4s.

“It’s changed the mindset,” says Adrian Rushmore. “All the negativity about 4x4s has disappeared.”

What to buy If you don’t live on an unsalted hill or down a farm track, now is the time to use your imagination and buy that Saab 9-3 or Volvo C70 soft-top. It will make all the sense in the world come spring, so get ahead of the price curve now.

What to sell Anything with four-wheel drive, especially Land Rovers of any vintage. Suzuki Jeeps, Subarus and Fiat Panda 4x4s with a low weight penalty and smaller engines start to look very attractive in the wake of VED rises. If you are thinking “I want to sell my car” give We Buy Cars Direct a call